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Year in Review: Combating “throwaway culture”

Year in Review: Combating “throwaway culture”

Despite losses at the national and international levels, victories in the states and the courts have U.S. pro-lifers hopeful for the futures of the unborn

Pro-life groups say the decision poses dangers to women

A change to French law would permit abortion up to the 14th week of pregnancy

The justices upheld the Texas heartbeat law for now but didn’t stop lawsuits against it


As the Supreme Court weighed Dobbs v. Jackson, a surprisingly diverse pro-life coalition called for the end of Roe

In the oral arguments for Dobbs v. Jackson, justices discuss abandoning court precedent on abortion

Pro-abortion groups abandon their fight against a Tennessee waiting period law that pro-lifers say has saved at least some unborn babies

Research highlights medical risks of abortion pill as FDA considers scrapping safety requirements

Pro-lifers just outside the Texas state line become the last line of defense for some women seeking out-of-state abortions

Abortion activists blame Poland’s pro-life laws for the death of a pregnant woman, but pro-lifers say the case offers no defense of elective abortion