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Activists tell story of aborted baby remains

Activists tell story of aborted baby remains

Pro-lifers who obtained the bodies outside an abortion facility intended to bury them

Pro-life groups seek to preserve the state’s pre-Roe protections for the unborn

The woman who kept the bodies in her apartment belongs to a secular anti-abortion organization

Multiple lawsuits seek to overturn the state’s pro-life law


Similar efforts have faltered in many states, but Idaho’s bill is on its way to the governor’s desk

Pro-life organizations work to neutralize a state-level version of Roe v. Wade

As the state works to become a pro-abortion sanctuary, pro-lifers work to expose the radical abortion agenda

England extends the program; Wales makes it permanent

Churches and pregnancy centers report an increase in volunteerism and financial support

Pro-lifers in the state hope that a 15-week abortion bill will elicit a lawsuit