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Euthanasia program entices suffering Canadians

Euthanasia program entices suffering Canadians

Medical Assistance in Dying disproportionately hurts the vulnerable

Pro-lifers work to educate mothers on the risks

The Dobbs ruling led to a 50-state battle over abortion and new challenges for pro-lifers

Despite a pervasive pro-abortion culture and disappointing election losses, a growing community of now-adult people who survived abortions reject the victimhood narrative


States maintained the status quo and saw some gains

The Peach State has appealed its heartbeat law to the state Supreme Court

Despite devastating losses, the pro-life movement still celebrated important victories in the 2022 midterms

Three states passed pro-abortion constitutional amendments, while two states failed to pass pro-life measures

A new study found that women who abort their first pregnancies have more abortions overall

Two pro-abortion political candidates in Michigan tout their connections with a pro-life church