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California’s loud pro-life minority

California’s loud pro-life minority

As the state works to become a pro-abortion sanctuary, pro-lifers work to expose the radical abortion agenda

England extends the program; Wales makes it permanent

Churches and pregnancy centers report an increase in volunteerism and financial support

Pro-lifers in the state hope that a 15-week abortion bill will elicit a lawsuit


Advocates for the unborn hope to unseat pro-abortion judges and a state-level version of Roe v. Wade.

Attendees at this year’s March for Life appeared bold and hopeful

Prenatal tests for chromosomal disorders are sometimes inaccurate and lead to abortions and shifting standards of care, reports show

After pro-lifers discover links between the school and Planned Parenthood, some students call for clarity from the administration

Despite losses at the national and international levels, victories in the states and the courts have U.S. pro-lifers hopeful for the futures of the unborn

Pro-life groups say the decision poses dangers to women