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Pro-abortion lawmakers “race to the bottom” in Michigan

Pro-abortion lawmakers “race to the bottom” in Michigan

The quick reversal of pro-life policies is a warning to other states

Pro-lifers face a new frontier as they look for ways to keep abortion pills out of pro-life states

Here’s what’s happening with the ongoing trial of pro-lifers charged under a Clinton-era law

Voters will now decide on an abortion amendment in November


Advocates warn new laws disproportionately affect the disabled

Religious hospitals in British Columbia face increased pressure to provide assisted suicide options

Doctors who oppose elective abortions differ on the right response to PPROM, a pregnancy condition frequently cited by opponents of pro-life laws

Legislatures pass laws to spell out medical exceptions in laws protecting babies from abortion

Pro-life groups say the political risks Oregon’s pro-life senators took in their majority pro-abortion legislature should be an example to other states

The debate over legislative approaches to ending abortion is gaining momentum