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Death to safety at the FDA

Death to safety at the FDA

The agency will allow abortion groups to keep selling the abortion pill online despite safety concerns
A new ultrasound requirement in Arkansas brings babies to life for mothers
Assisted suicide makes headway in the United States
Abortion groups use a controversial case to push back against El Salvador’s pro-life laws


A year after the U.K. implemented teleabortions, testimonies and data reveal the negative effects on women

His attorneys are still arguing several cases to protect the pro-life activist’s freedom to criticize Planned Parenthood
Another Australian state is poised to legalize euthanasia
Pro-abortion groups push back against legislation designed to acknowledge aborted babies’ dignity
Following a yearslong cultural push, Spain legalizes euthanasia and assisted suicide
Disability rights activists fear the effect of Canada’s new euthanasia bill on the already suffering disabled community