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Under the cover of infanticide

Under the cover of infanticide

Abortion groups use a controversial case to push back against El Salvador’s pro-life laws

A year after the U.K. implemented teleabortions, testimonies and data reveal the negative effects on women

His attorneys are still arguing several cases to protect the pro-life activist’s freedom to criticize Planned Parenthood
Another Australian state is poised to legalize euthanasia

Pro-abortion groups push back against legislation designed to acknowledge aborted babies’ dignity
Following a yearslong cultural push, Spain legalizes euthanasia and assisted suicide
Disability rights activists fear the effect of Canada’s new euthanasia bill on the already suffering disabled community
Some think the state’s new protections for almost all unborn babies could prove counterproductive
The country’s pro-life community fights the latest euthanasia bill
The COVID-19 relief bill could allow taxpayer money to fund abortions