Sound journalism, grounded in facts and Biblical truth
March 13, 2021 | Vol. 36, No. 5

A country up for grabs

Myanmar’s military toppled the civilian government. Now the country’s diverse population is banding together in protest

Facing the algorithms As police turn to facial recognition technology to identify suspects and solve cases, critics worry about privacy and false accusations
To police or not to police? In Los Angeles, “defunding the police” led to disbanding a unit specially designed to help with homelessness
Voter migration Donald Trump made gains among some Hispanic voters in 2020. Will the GOP continue the trend?
Fallout from Ravi Zacharias’ abuse begins Apologetics ministry considers next steps while affiliates break away


Lost in memories

Psychological thriller Elizabeth Is Missing intertwines mystery with the ravaging effects of dementia

A cynic and a superhero

Flora & Ulysses is a fun film for kids with true lessons about marriage

Wild solitude on reality TV

Harsh elements don’t pose the biggest challenges in History series Alone

Sorrow on the mountains

Land shows a grieving widow searching for purpose in the wilderness

Netflix shifts tones with new comedy

In The Crew, the streaming giant finally hits the brakes on over-the-top content

A little old, a little new

New and notable music releases

Music to make the world seem small

New collections chart folk music across the globe
A call to thrive

A call to thrive

A pastoral perspective on faith, politics, Hispanic values, and moving beyond survival mode

Family dynamics in an age of confusion

Recent books about marriage and family issues

Springing the trap

The modern drift away from Darwinism
Children's Books

Resilient reads

Nonfiction books for middle graders and teens

Man of letters
A vandalism more than 50 years ago began Peter Kushkowski’s lifelong hobby of writing to newspapers and magazines
Daylight saving debate
Some lawmakers want to end the spring and fall time change for good
A steroid solution
New research suggests that, for many patients, an asthma medication could promote COVID-19 recovery