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Mary Reichard

Mary Reichard

Mary is co-host, legal affairs correspondent, and dialogue editor for WORLD Radio. She is also co-host of the Legal Docket podcast. Mary is a graduate of World Journalism Institute and St. Louis University School of Law. She resides with her husband near Springfield, Mo.

Articles by Mary Reichard
New York City runs out of shelter

New York City runs out of shelter

The Big Apple bites off more than it can handle in the wake of declaring itself a sanctuary city for migrants last year

Educators struggle to balance the opportunities and abuses of generative AI in the classroom

Fourth amendment, due process, and qualified immunity come to blows after a pet goat is seized for slaughter

A Somali sprinter sets the record for slowest time at a race in China, prompting questions of eligibility


Religious liberty cases about conscientious objection to race-based mentoring, sexually explicit books in school libraries, and septic tanks

A truck carrying nacho cheese has an accident in Arkansas

Lower court cases of cities preventing pro-life counselors from trying to persuade women not to get abortions

A special counsel in Washington indicts Donald Trump on three counts of conspiracy and one count of obstruction for the events of Jan. 6, 2021

The Biden administration’s new SAVE income-based repayment plan is another attempt to forgive student loan debt

Trump faces a superseding indictment in the Florida documents case while Hunter Biden’s plea deal falls through