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Going viral

Sept. 25—Bill Russell/Brighton, Mich.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has it right. Individual rights trump government rights: “Unless I see it violating some other principle, I usually just let people do as they see fit.” I would be very happy if the government just did its job and shut up.

Hopes and regrets for Afghanistan

Sept. 25—Gordon Govier/Fitchburg, Wis.

The photo by Paula Bronstein of Getty Images on the table of contents page truly is worth a thousand words. The apprehension in the children’s eyes and the set of the jaw on the youngest speak volumes about the Taliban turmoil in Afghanistan.

Nita Hickam/Biddeford, Maine

Thank you, WORLD and Emily Belz, for giving us a Christian perspective on the disaster in Afghanistan. One observation gave me cause for praise and hope: If the number of Christians has grown from hundreds to perhaps tens of thousands, all is not lost in that country.

A sure word

Sept. 25—Leslie Ritchie/Hastings, Minn.

When Jamie Dean cited instances of yanking Scripture verses out of context to make a point, it reminded me of a club I belonged to that had us recite, “The Lord watch between me and thee, when we are absent one from another” (Genesis 31:49). I could hardly say it without laughing, knowing it was said as a caution from one lying schemer to another.

Dan Myers/Wichita, Kan.

If it weren’t so terrible, the misuse of Scripture by some people would be laughable.

Supreme Court v. Nation of Vigilantes?

Sept. 25—David Holmack/Rosedale, Md.

Marvin Olasky is one of the few commentators I’ve read who acknowledges that men are a primary beneficiary of abortion, not women. Women are the victims.

Mary Lamb/Norwalk, Ohio

Marvin Olasky’s column made me see the abortion debate in a whole new light. Who does abortion benefit most? Irresponsible fathers and powerful men. Carrying a baby to term and asking others to adopt and raise him or her can be devastating and life-changing, but it is not half as soul-crushing as knowing you ended a young life in your womb.

Cashing in on college sports

Sept. 25—Bob MacLeod/Orlando, Fla.

I cannot disagree with the logic behind this issue. When college football coaches are the highest-­paid employees in a state but the athletes they coach can’t get a dime, it does seem out of balance.

Making our gardens grow; Transcending genres

Sept. 25John R. Torczynski/Albuquerque, N.M.

Janie B. Chea­ney’s column on a “human cannibal [cannonball]” and Collin Garbarino’s subsequent article titled “Transcending genders [genres]” convinced me that I need to wear my reading glasses while perusing WORLD.

Introducing WORLD Opinions

Sept. 25—Andrew Price/Moyie Springs, Idaho

I am so grateful for WORLD Opinions. I am a regular listener to Al Mohler on The Briefing, and I am glad to add new voices and perspectives into the daily mix of what I am listening to and reading.

Squandering American sacrifice

Sept. 11—Allen Miller/O’Fallon, Ill.

Thank you for the 9/11 issue and its focus on Afghanistan. As I sat reading while holding my “Christmas in Kandahar” coffee cup, I found the coverage and articles not only informative but cathartic. This is an issue I plan to keep and revisit.

2021 Hope Awards winner

Sept. 11—Sandy Solis/Stanwood, Wash.

We would like to express our thanks to the readers of WORLD Magazine for voting for Safe Harbor Free Clinic in the 2021 Hope Awards for Effective Compassion competition.

We are honored to have been nominated by some of our local friends and to have been selected as one of the four finalist organizations and featured in your magazine. There are many wonderful ministries that provide hope by showing effective compassion to the world around them. It’s humbling to be selected by your readers as the winner of this award.

Thank you, Sophia Lee and Bonnie Pritchett, for the care you took in sharing the story of who Safe Harbor Free Clinic is and those we serve in our community. The warmth and respect you showed to our patients, volunteers, and staff speak highly of who you are as journalists and to the integrity that WORLD Magazine has exhibited in everything it publishes.

One of the many results of being in your magazine is a new volunteer who lives several hours away but is planning to come once a month to serve with us. She is not only a medically licensed volunteer but also a chaplain who can offer lay counseling to some of our patients. This is something we have been asking God to provide and He chose to do this through your magazine article.

We are grateful for this Hope Award and for all who voted for us.

Sandy Solis is executive director of Safe Harbor Free Clinic.

Genesis raisins

Aug. 28—Smitty Rozman/Batesville, Ind.

I enjoy listening to Dennis Prager, so I was tempted to read his commentary on The Rational Bible. I knew I would be ill-equipped to flush out any shortcomings and inconsistencies if they surfaced, not to mention lacking a working Hebrew language background. Marvin Olasky’s review was insightful and fair, and will be helpful when I read Prager’s work.


Gerald Bonsall/St. Albans, Vt.

My wife and I have subscribed to WORLD for a long time. It’s our most trusted source of information on everything from politics to movie reviews. WORLD gets me back to center and helps me to keep thinking Christianly about the issues that face us.


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I would love to see a WORLD review on RJ Palacio's new book, Pony. Some of the characters are ghosts. Silas, the 12 year old main protagonist, is a bright, good-hearted kid who sees and interacts with them and thinks much about life and death, recognizing that he doesn't know.
Thanks, Nancy Morgan