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China’s Wolf Warrior policy

June 6—Rick Flanders on wng.org

China is going to be a real problem as it becomes more powerful and aggressive. It already has a strong influence over American culture and the economy, even as Democrats and world organi­zations praise the oppressive dictatorship.

Blessed be the name

June 6—Bruce Berger on wng.org

I too bought a water rowing machine recently, and I’m also a Jewish believer. I enjoyed Marvin Olasky’s observation that we complain about the little things but miss the big blessings all around us.

Reshaping the courts

June 6—Steve Shive on wng.org

Thank you to President Trump for his judicial appointments, and to Harvest Prude for fine coverage of a critically important topic.

Trial by Media’s sobering verdict on society

June 6—Sylvia Goode Basham on Facebook

This documentary sounds interesting. What passes for journalism today is a pile of mini-producers making mini-dramas framed to further the narrative with which they happen to side, and to pile up the page views.

Paying the price

June 6—Tom Plowden/Edgefield County, S.C.

Marvin Olasky’s interview with Al Mohler brought back memories of hearing him preach, his work decades ago in the Southern Baptist Convention, and how his writing helped me grow in Reformed theology.

Friends and farewells

June 6—Ken Cutler/Lancaster, Pa.

I am really enjoying the series on long ministry and long marriages. The unique perspectives are thought-­provoking and interesting.

Studies on COVID-19 severity

June 6—Stewart Harman/Bloomfield, Mich.

The article on the benefits of vitamin D for COVID-19 was refreshing. I am surprised that a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention SWAT team did not show up on Dr. Horton’s doorstep and cart him off for providing “misinformation.”

“Only joking!”

June 6—David Hoff/Barron, Wis.

The column on Candid Camera was right on. Jocularity at the expense of others is no virtue.

Stalling tactics

May 23—Jeff Chalfant/Roseville, Calif.

The cover photo is especially moving. The words on the boy’s shirt, “designed and crafted,” are a Biblical reminder that others, especially the marginalized, are also made in the image of God and we should serve them accordingly.

Ministry or business?

May 23—Melanie Grandelli/Goldvein, Va.

Is WORLD more of a business or a ministry? We are to work with all our heart at whatever we do because we are working for the Lord. I’m not sure the Bible makes a distinction between business and ministry for the Christian, so doing my business for the Lord is my ministry.

No path to normalcy

May 9—Gary Karwoski/Brookfield, Ill.

This column is a bit fatalistic for me. I can’t see this going on indefinitely, and some of us pastors are standing up to our governor’s ridiculous “scientific” guidelines. So, no, I’m not going to accept a new normal. I want normal.


The Uighur diaspora numbers around 1 million (“A cultural genocide before our eyes,” July 18, p. 54).

More letters, emails, and comments we didn’t have space for in the print edition:

The science says what?

June 11—Adam Rodriguez on wng.org

It’s a sad commentary on the way we politicize everything that you needed to write that the best option now is “to pray for guidance, then take sensible precautions and follow the recommendations of a trusted physician.”

The road to utopia

June 10—Glenda Cloutier on wng.org

These were powerful words that speak the truth of our times. It wrung from me tears that until now had no path to flow in.

Kicking police off campus

June 10— Marina Richardson Shankle on Facebook

As a teacher, I am quite nervous about this. I love our school resource officers and hope they get to stay.

Jessie Marie Waldner on Facebook

Given school shootings and other violence, apparently those hoping to get rid of school resource officers want the police response time to be longer.

Reforming the police

June 8—Tim Miller on wng.org

I know conservatives are uncomfortable with saying, “Black lives matter.” I think it’s important for us to express this viewpoint, which is Biblical. It doesn’t mean accepting everything everybody in the movement says.

To Hollywood, with Legos

June 6—Michelle Lewis Harris on Facebook

Our family really enjoyed this show. We loved all of the competitors’ projects but rooted for Tyler and Amy Clites because theirs were amazing!

“The Church is a place for healing”

June 3—Miriam Pell Dixon on Facebook

Perhaps sometimes the silence regarding race is because whites in the church have been given conflicting messages about our role. We are told, “You don’t understand, so just listen. Don’t speak.” Then we are told, “Why aren’t you speaking up?” We’re also told that anything outside of complete agreement with racial orthodoxy is insensitive at best and racist at worst. I’m sure some silence is complacency and a lack of love. But maybe fear of saying the wrong thing is also a motivator.

George Floyd’s search for a new start

May 30—Kristen Marsan/Eden Prairie, Minn.

I live in the suburbs of Minneapolis and am emotionally spent. I am exasperated by speculative conversations stemming from social media and appreciate this article by Sharon Dierberger. This is the first article I’ve noticed that shows us the person we have lost. Floyd’s life story seemed to be one of redemption, and I yearn that our struggle with race would also be redeemed.

Christy Eicher-Bywell on Facebook

Thank you for bringing perspective on his life, and the completely avoidable incident that caused his death.

Protecting innocence

May 29—Rebekah White on Facebook

Here in Washington State, our governor just signed comprehensive sex education into law, despite an overwhelming outcry from parents. Since then, concerned parents have faced a David and Goliath showdown, collecting signatures (in the midst of coronavirus) to get Referendum 90 to repeal the mandate on the ballot this November. The mandate is about corrupting and sexualizing children and is completely evil.

Bree Wakefield on Facebook

We must support private Christian education so that families have options for their children.

Caryn Jenkins on Facebook

It is so sad that more churches aren’t fighting this.

Gathering storms

April 25—Paul J. Perrone/Springfield, Va.

Our state and local governments’ responses to the pandemic, particularly toward churches, are a warning sign. American Christians who don’t think we are under the beginning of persecution are deceiving themselves.


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