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Schools grapple with escalating behavioral challenges

Schools grapple with escalating behavioral challenges

Some educators and parents disagree on social-emotional learning programs’ benefits

Something old for something new. How does a classical conversation tool help us sort through current events? Kelsey and Jonathan answer a listener question about Aristotle’s Five Common Topics.

Jewish university students in New York are troubled by incidents of anti-Semitism and doxing

Lawmakers consider a proposal for education savings accounts


EDUCATION | Florida moves to ensure boys and girls enjoy restroom privacy even in private schools

How should we respond to Christians “deconstructing” their faith? We’re joined by God’s Big WORLD editor Amy Auten to explore the good, the bad, and the ugly of deconstruction.

Legal organizations worry about censorship of opposing war opinions

On October 7, Hamas terrorists attacked Israel. In response, Israel declared war. At the request of listeners, we're exploring the history and worldviews behind this conflict.

Administrators are in hot water with donors for failing to respond quickly to pro-Palestinian protest

The decision to approve St. Isidore Catholic Virtual School is backed by recent Supreme Court precedent