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Arizona county certifies election results

Arizona Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs in November Associated Press/Photo by Matt York, file

Arizona county certifies election results

Cochise County in rural Arizona certified its election results Thursday after a judge ordered it to do so. Judge Casey McGinley also found that the Republican supervisors broke the law by ignoring the Monday deadline for certification earlier this week. Arizona Secretary of State and Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs said she could not delay the statewide certification beyond Dec. 8. It is scheduled to take place on Dec. 5.

Why did the supervisors delay certifying the results? The supervisors did not raise any specific issues with the election results themselves but instead expressed concern that the machines used to tabulate ballots were not properly approved to do so. The Republican supervisors asked Hobbs before Election Day to prove that the voting machines were actually approved. Cochise County was the last county in Arizona to certify its 2022 midterm election results.

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Josh Schumacher

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