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Pro-lifers battle abortion expansion on college campuses

Pro-lifers battle abortion expansion on college campuses

Pregnant students have more options than they realize

Survey data reveal the public has nuanced and sometimes uninformed views on life issues

For now, Iowa can keep Planned Parenthood out of the government-funded sex education

Only two of six states still protect life’s sanctity at its end


Judges may hold off evaluating protections for unborn babies until the nation’s highest court rules

Democrats in Congress reintroduce a bill to undo state pro-life legislative progress

Importance of the treatment grows as chemical abortions become more common

With a circuit split on the issue of Down syndrome abortions, pro-lifers are looking to the Supreme Court to weigh in

Two U.K. doctors face penalties for helping women save their babies from chemical abortions

A pro-life city ordinance and state law test a new enforcement mechanism to avoid pre-enforcement lawsuits