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The World and Everything in It: January 24, 2023

The World and Everything in It: January 24, 2023

President Biden continues pushing to expand access to abortion in America; the White House announced a new program to help resettle refugees in the country; and two philosophers debate a very old question. Plus: commentary from Whitney Williams, and the Tuesday morning news.

On the Legal Docket, attorney-client privilege and what’s protected communication; on the Moneybeat, the debate over the debt ceiling; and on the History Book, a notable speech on the devastating effects of abortion. Plus: the Monday morning news.

On Culture Friday, 50 years since Roe v. Wade and what it means now that Roe has been reversed; Collin Garbarino celebrates the 70th anniversary of Roman Holiday; and Word Play with George Grant. Plus: the Friday morning news.

Several African countries are battling a serious outbreak of cholera; the state of church attendance in the wake of the pandemic; and a profile of a pro-life grandma. Plus: commentary from Cal Thomas, and the Thursday morning news.


On Washington Wednesday, Biden’s mishandling of classified documents and how the administration is handling it; on World Tour, the latest international news; and an introduction to our latest podcast project. Plus: commentary from Emily Whitten, and the Wednesday morning news.

The largest Christian school in Arizona is locked in a battle with a former teacher over its stance toward LGBT students; Christian aid groups are stepping up to serve the people of Ukraine in their hour of need; and a profile of pro-life pioneer Frank Pavone. Plus: the Tuesday morning news.

On Legal Docket, a dispute over a gerrymandered congressional map; on Moneybeat, the latest economic news and answers to listener questions; and on History Book, important dates from the past. Plus: the Monday morning news.

Walking alongside parents, educators, and mentors as they disciple their kids and teens through current events. The News Coach offers tools and tips for cultivating news literacy and a non-anxious learning environment through a Christian worldview.

On Culture Friday, an actual example of toxic masculinity and the arrest of a pro-life leader; Collin Garbarino provides a warning about Tom Hanks’ newest movie; and Steve West reviews a tribute to the music of Christian musician Rich Mullins. Plus: the Friday morning news.

The Biden administration is making legal changes that make the abortion pill more widely available; what comes next in Brazil after thousands of protesters stormed the country’s congress, supreme court, and presidential palace over the weekend; and a Lego championship. Plus: commentary from Cal Thomas, and the Thursday morning news.