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Timothy Lamer

Timothy Lamer

Tim is executive editor of WORLD Commentary. He previously worked for the Media Research Center in Alexandria, Va. His work has also appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The Weekly Standard.

Articles by Timothy Lamer

The record on oil

The real record oil prices were set nearly 25 years ago, records that we have not even approached yet this year

Americans are gaining new tools to protect themselves from identity theft

CAFTA faces an uphill battle on Capitol Hill despite its benefits to the U.S.

A slew of recent studies show that the U.S.


A typical college graduate has accumulated a debt load of $28,953, compared to just $20,402 four years ago

Few presidents in history have embraced big government as enthusiastically as President Bush

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Timothy Lamer | The controversy over evolution includes a growing number of scientists who challenge Darwinism.

Timothy Lamer | Anti-AARP ad misses its mark but hits a liberal hornets' nest

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