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Timothy Lamer

Timothy Lamer

Tim is executive editor of WORLD Commentary. He previously worked for the Media Research Center in Alexandria, Va. His work has also appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The Weekly Standard.

Articles by Timothy Lamer
Have skills, will travel

Have skills, will travel

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The Conference Board reported some good news last week that may turn out to be bad news for some Americans

Strong supplies and weakened demand caused gasoline futures to tumble more than 30 cents a gallon recently

President Bush's budget plan does almost nothing to address the severe long-term budget problems facing U.S.

The savings rate has been falling steadily in recent years, but until last year it had not gone negative for a full year since 1933

Good things happen when inflation is low, and Alan Greenspan's tenure as head of the Federal Reserve Board witnessed a strong run for the U.S.

The biblical reason to work hard is out of gratitude to God for the free gift of salvation and love of neighbor