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Lynn Vincent

Lynn Vincent

Lynn is executive editor of WORLD Magazine and producer/host of the true crime podcast Lawless. She is the New York Times best-selling author or co-author of a dozen nonfiction books, including Same Kind of Different As Me and Indianapolis. Lynn lives in the mountains east of San Diego, Calif.

Articles by Lynn Vincent
States' rights

States' rights

Lynn Vincent | Absent congressional action on immigration, local governments are risking lawsuits and protests to act against illegals.

Fires stretching through seven Southern California counties remained out of control on Oct. 24, forcing nearly a million people to flee their homes

For the second time in four years, catastrophic wildfires roared across San Diego County

Lynn Vincent | A high court conference leaves religious-liberty litigants hanging


Lynn Vincent | In the fight to legalize same-sex unions, a swing vote emerges: Hispanic evangelicals

Lynn Vincent | The Norman Hsu fundraising flap triggers calls for new regulation of "bundled" campaign donations

Lynn Vincent | Pro-lifers say the state is not enforcing its law against post-viability abortion

Lynn Vincent | Attorney activist Mikey Weinstein is making war on evangelicals-and the Pentagon

Lynn Vincent | Fifty years later, educators reflect on the scholastic boost launched by Sputnik

Lynn Vincent | Detroit's controversial new school superintendent Connie Calloway wants to change the face of blighted schools. "More than a hundred thousand kids in Detroit need a voice.