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Jamie Dean

Jamie Dean

Jamie is a journalist and the former national editor of WORLD Magazine. She is a World Journalism Institute graduate and also previously worked for The Charlotte World. Jamie resides in Charlotte, N.C.

Articles by Jamie Dean
Beachy-keen reads

Beachy-keen reads

Angela Lu Fulton, Katie Gaultney, Kristin Chapman, Leah Savas, Jamie Dean | Five summertime book-reading recommendations from WORLD staffers

Despite ongoing U.S. aid efforts, conditions in Central America aren’t getting any better

Jamie Dean | As President Biden proposes a massive aid program to stem migration from the Northern Triangle, some wonder what’s happened to billions of dollars already spent on a problem with no end in sight

Embracing the mystery of sad news cycles


Jamie Dean | Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin is part of a rare buttress against his own party’s efforts to pass radical legislation, but his own voting history makes it hard to predict where he’ll land

Accessible theology books

Emily Belz, Jamie Dean, Leah Savas, Charissa Koh | Following a year of coronavirus lockdowns, illness, and death, Americans rejoice at a vaccine and little steps back to normal living

When trouble comes, God asks us to take Him at His word

Jamie Dean | As Russia silences political dissidents, religious minorities—including evangelicals—find ways to grow during a chill