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Edward E. Plowman

Ed (1931–2018) was a WORLD reporter. Read Marvin Olasky's tribute.

Articles by Edward E. Plowman

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Edward E. Plowman | A liberal bishop attacks-and may hasten an Anglican breakup

Edward E. Plowman | The president makes the prayer breakfast rounds, the pope discusses unity with liberal Protestants, and other religion news

Edward E. Plowman | The ACLU sues the government and soaks the taxpayers, mainline denominations target companies doing business with Israel, and other religion news

With a new consensus statement on the Virgin Mary, the Anglican side appeared to concede everything, the Catholic side nothing


Edward E. Plowman | A liberal bishop blinks-for now-in the latest ECUSA showdown

The ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State are challenging government funding of faith-based community-service programs

Edward E. Plowman | Speculation ranges widely as the College of Cardinals gathers in Rome to choose a new pope

Edward E. Plowman | ECUSA bishops again express regret without repentance

Edward E. Plowman | Worldwide Anglican bishops seek to halt same-sex blessings

On threat of "discipline" and possible schism, the majority of the leading archbishops want the Episcopal Church to "repent" of sanctioning a homosexual bishop and blessing same-sex unions