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Edward E. Plowman

Ed (1931–2018) was a WORLD reporter. Read Marvin Olasky's tribute.

Articles by Edward E. Plowman
Singled out

Singled out

Universities go after popular evangelical groups

Georgetown University gets tough with campus evangelical groups

Edward E. Plowman | Property disputes arise as conservatives prepare to leave the Episcopal Church

Presbyterians: Divided Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) prepares for splits and property disputes


Edward E. Plowman | Conservatives and liberals have responded quickly to last month's tumultuous Episcopal Convention.

Edward E. Plowman | ECUSA passes a watered-down response to the Windsor Report and sets itself on a collision course with the Anglican Communion

Iowa judge orders Prison Fellowship to end successful program

Court order can't keep God and prayer out of Kentucky high school graduation

Despite some differences, Jerry Fallwell now says he could support John McCain for president

Next month's general assembly could break apart the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)