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Edward E. Plowman

Ed (1931–2018) was a WORLD reporter. Read Marvin Olasky's tribute.

Articles by Edward E. Plowman

Edward E. Plowman | ANGLICAN CRISIS: Traditionalist Episcopalians, fresh from an angry exchange with liberal leaders, are watching what happens next week, when an openly gay bishop is slated to take power in the United States; "there is a huge crisis looming," admits the ar

Edward E. Plowman | COVER STORY: He challenged and endured Nazi and Communist tyrannies.

Edward E. Plowman | The preacher and the pope


Edward E. Plowman |

Edward E. Plowman | CHAPLAINCY: A suspicious and tangled trail of schools and accrediting agencies surrounds the case of James Yee-detained on suspicion of espionage-but the question remains: Is political correctness at the Pentagon to blame for lax security?

Edward E. Plowman |

Edward E. Plowman |

Edward E. Plowman | CHAPLAINCY: Guantanamo arrest of Islamic cleric raises screening questions

Edward E. Plowman | RELIGION: Episcopal conservatives are hitting runaway ECUSA leaders where it hurts most-in the pocketbook-as Anglican world leaders approach meeting on gay issues