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Thinning ranks

Todd Vician failed to ­mention perhaps the No. 1 reason why the numbers are down for military enlistment: a hard left turn into wokeism.
    Al Addleman / Tucson, Ariz.

Why do I and fellow veterans counsel against joining up? Leaders who push woke policies that emphasize equity over merit, inadequate training on core skills, poorly maintained assets, and extended tours of duty away from home.
    Frank Cook / Bartlett, Tenn.

It frustrates me that the U.S. military has to practically bribe recruits into joining. I hope that by the time I am old enough to enlist, my generation will realize the value of serving our country and fill those recruiting offices.
    Summer Boyd (age 13) / Sussex, N.J.


I grew up on a hog farm and remember when sows did not have crates confining them. The crates help lessen the chances of a 500-pound mother lying on and crushing her 2-pound baby. California voters were misled. What was sold as humane is actually the opposite.
    Ken Augustine / Ames, Iowa

Somewhere the myth that farmers only care about profits has taken hold in people who do not know farming. When they attach the idea that animals have feelings unique to humans, logic leaves the debate.
    Joel Christman / Justin, Texas

Homeschooling doesn’t save

I agree with Janie B. Cheaney’s assessment of Bill Gothard’s ministry, and I’m glad you all are commenting on these elements of an evangelical subculture that often does not get critiqued.
    Aaron Friar / Boston, Mass.

Was some of Gothard’s focus on Scripture incorrect? Probably. But he was out there, sticking his neck out trying to lead a generation to walk with God.
    David Sample / Redlands, Calif.

Janie B. Cheaney is usually right on, but this time she was off track. Gothard enabled many blessings in our home.
    Rolly Dunteman / San Tubal, Costa Rica

A strong delusion

Lynn Vincent gets to the heart of the culture in which we live. People have been in the darkness so long they only know “delusion” and are unable to recognize truth when they see it. And many have never known the Source of Truth.
    Russell Guetschow / Vicksburg, Mich.

Going to the headsprings

Thank you for bringing Shane Morris’ Upstream podcast to my attention. I love his in-depth analysis and practical application of our role as followers of Jesus in this world.
    Eric Albrecht / Front Royal, Va.

A Pulitzer for two

I was grateful to read the review of Barbara Kingsolver’s Demon Copperhead. I thought about reading it, but you convinced me to reject it.
    Jim Bates / Marshall, Texas

Ambiguous dreams

Arsenio Orteza gives Paul Simon more credit than he is due for his epic Seven Psalms. He sings of God with a little “g.” It is not the God I know in the Bible.
    Kelly W. Jones / Hartsville, S.C.

CEO Notes

I appreciated Kevin Martin’s naming of the supporting roles that keep WORLD’s journalistic endeavors running smoothly and expanding. His comments reminded me of the body of Christ and how each member uses his or her God-given gifts to further the gospel.
    Daniel Backhaus / McAllen, Texas


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