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Blowing in the wind

Aug. 15—Thomas Burley/Alto, Mich.

You ask the rhetorical question, “How far left will Biden let the current wind take him?” The answer is obvious. He will hang on to his principles until hanging on to them dampens his chances of winning at the ballot box.

The demise of compassion

Aug. 15—Robert Yonker/Holland, Mich.

Marvin Olasky wrote, “Power, money, and compassion abide, but the greatest of these is compassion, which neither major party candidate promotes.” This is the first time Olasky has disappointed me. The Democratic Party’s platform has for years been pro-death.

Karen Rodkey on Facebook

We need government to protect our freedoms, make job creation a priority, and let us practice our religion without state intervention. We don’t need a welfare system that implodes. Above all, we shouldn’t expect utopia.

The COVID-19 chasm

Aug. 15—Steve Shive on wng.org

Christians have to make their own decisions about whether to act against government edict or conventional wisdom, and pray that God will guide them. Whether it’s the “right” or “wrong” decision doesn’t depend on how it is received or the result. Let not the Church be divided over these issues.

Pro-lifers swallow the pill

Aug. 15—Beverly Durham/Firestone, Colo.

I wonder if pro-lifers giving out the pill have considered its long-term side effects, such as clotting disorders, increased chance of breast cancer, and more.

Promise me anything

Aug. 15—Scott Keller/Snellville, Ga.

Olasky’s interview with Sarah Pipes was phenomenal. I am a board-certified family physician and adjunct associate professor at a major teaching hospital. I plan on sending a copy of the article with my resignation letter. I’m still going to practice, but in an indigent clinic where I can care for needy patients as I was trained and swore an oath to do.

Daniel Silva becomes Dan Brown

Aug. 15—Harry Swofford/Oregon City, Ore.

Recently I purchased Dan Silva’s The Order figuring it would be a good read. After Olasky’s review, I will throw it away.

Marie Curie is out of her element in Radioactive

Aug. 15—Larry Panella on wng.org

My wife and I agree this movie was a mixed bag. The storytelling was well done, and Rosamund Pike was excellent in the lead. But the atomic bomb elements overshadowed the story.

What might have been

Aug. 1—Amber M. Shimel/Orlando, Fla.

Olasky’s response to the criticism he received for characterizing George Floyd as a “gentle giant” illustrates one of the main reasons I have subscribed to WORLD for almost 30 years. Thank you for being such a balanced, fair, and calm voice in this crazy world.

Rising GOP star faces accusations

Sept. 12—S. Lewis on wng.org

When someone runs for Congress on a family and faith platform and has a pattern of sleazy behavior, exposing the sin protects future victims and the conservative movement from the liability of hypocritical politicians, and warns us that our sins will find us out. Major kudos to Harvest Prude.


Jill Page receives a salary from Every Good Gift (“Sewing blessings,” Sept. 12, p. 66).

More letters, emails, and comments we didn’t have space for in the print edition:

Taxpayer-funded riches

Aug. 15—Mike Rogers/Waxhaw, N.C.

I suspect these salaries of presidents of public universities are not unreasonable. Maybe these alleged “riches” are consistent with the responsibilities.

The demise of compassion

Aug. 15—Stephen C. Strunk//Quakertown, Pa.

Marvin Olasky ended his column with these words: “... compassion, which neither major party candidate promotes.” WORLD should acknowledge that at least one of the candidates has taken some action to do that.

Daniel Silva becomes Dan Brown

Aug. 15—Daniel Lang/Skokie, Ill.

Silva and others may say the Jewish crowd in Matthew 27:25 is calling down a curse upon themselves, but inadvertently they are crying out for a wonderful blessing: that they and their children be covered by the blood of Yeshua’s atonement.

Marie Curie is out of her element in Radioactive

Aug. 15—David Ott on Facebook

Many of the forward flashes are not directly linked to the Curies’ work; they seem put in for political effect, cheapening the story.

Quick Takes: Testing the limits

Aug. 15—Richard Brewster/Cutchogue, N.Y.

You’ve done it again: giving publicity to someone who consumed 75 hot dogs in one sitting! An outrageous, disgusting use of food.

A capella gospel

Aug. 1—Stephen Futch/Peachtree City, Ga.

Arsenio Orteza’s column is the high point for me in every issue of WORLD. I typically spend an evening listening through his review selections while comparing my impressions with his. The Bessie Jones collection he wrote about is phenomenal.

Promise me anything

Aug. 15—Rachel Lengauer on Facebook

I live in Europe and am very happy with the medical system here, as well as the lower pay and extra vacation days. America needs a huge cultural overhaul to be able to bring more affordable healthcare to its people.

Statues falling

Aug. 15—Christina Wilson on wng.org

It’s time Republicans in America take a good, hard look at the racial attitudes many of the Confederate statues memorialize. Hasn’t America failed its people in a number of ways? Robert E. Lee and other Confederate generals should be relegated to public museums, perhaps, in a room set aside for mistakes of the past. They should not be honored in high places.

Marianne Miller on wng.org

We all need reminders of the past so that one day our grandkids can say, “Who was that person, and what did he or she do? Why is there a statue?” As we increasingly dismiss history as irrelevant, we are in danger of forgetting the good deeds of the imperfect people who came before us.

Sign of the times

Aug. 19—Sharon Gamble on wng.org

I have way too many dear friends who have dived deeply into QAnon, and it is so distressing. I fear QAnon has become favorite reading for many and the Bible a distant second.

Steven Arnold on wng.org

In this sinful, shaking world, it’s understandable that people are searching for some overarching explanation. Hopefully, Christians who have been sucked into apocalyptic theories can be encouraged to refocus on the firm foundation of Christ and His written word.

Allen Johnson on wng.org

One of my longest Christian friends is caught up in QAnon. No dialogue is possible. He just says I’m not doing the research. Yes, Satanic deceptions seduce confused and frightened people, but QAnon should be soundly denounced and resisted with Truth.

Rebacca Rabon on Facebook

I feel so squarely stuck in the middle in this season. My conservative friends (who, based on this article, I’m now realizing are more into Q than I realized) tell me I’ve gone liberal. My liberal friends tell me I’m conservative. I just want to be on God’s side.

Barbara Roberts on Facebook

Throughout history, fables and mythologies have been spun off events, so we shouldn’t be surprised that in this upside down world, conspiracy theories are popping up like mushrooms. We need to keep centered in Scripture. That’s an anchor that holds.

Rising Republican star faces accusations from women

Aug. 16—Julie Higgins Krebill on Facebook

This subject matter is always difficult to report, but WORLD did a great job leaving readers with enough information to draw their own conclusions and vote accordingly.

Cevdet Ozdemir on Facebook

WORLD is a disgrace! Shame on you!

Megan Roy on Facebook

Thank you for reporting this. If these circumstances indeed happened as described, these actions absolutely were sexual harassment and/or assault. It doesn’t matter if the person is a Republican or a Democrat.

Donna Jo Smith on Facebook

I had thought better of WORLD. I was shocked to see this type of article.

Mark Reimers on Facebook

This is remarkably brave reporting in a supercharged environment. Thanks for not looking the other way.


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