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Legal Docket - The hands that hold the gavels

Legal Docket - The hands that hold the gavels

Who has President Biden nominated to fill vacancies on the federal courts?

Law professor who recovered from COVID sues over his university’s vaccine mandate

Hosts Mary Reichard and Jenny Rough analyze a case of simple facts and complicated law. In 2014, college student James King is beaten up by FBI agents who had the wrong guy. Now in 2021, he still hasn’t received recompense for his damages after going all the way to the US Supreme Court.

Lawsuits challenge school districts’ adoption of the latest trend in education


And female Olympians challenge the skimpy uniforms required by some sports

What does the data from this year’s term tell us about where the justices stand?

Decision not to hear the case of a Christian florist creates uncertainty for other business owners

The Supreme Court saved some of its biggest decisions for the end of its term

A summer of surprising Supreme Court unanimity includes a narrow ruling that could bode well for Christian foster agencies