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Abandoned in Afghanistan

Abandoned in Afghanistan

Sharon Dierberger | A year after the disastrous U.S. pullout, Afghan allies are still in danger—and clinging to U.S. promises to help

Eric Patterson | A new D.C. museum lays bare an evil and violent ideology

Immigration: Individuals and organizations help Afghan refugees get temporarily resettled in the U.S., as thousands of others wait

Increasing attacks against Christians and clergy are raising alarms


Gunmen increasingly target priests and churches

Amy Lewis | Asylum seekers in Australia are often treated like convicts for years at a time

Amid media crackdown, the city’s press club cancels awards

Plus, a crackdown on protests in Hong Kong, missiles in North Korea, and remembering D-Day

A.S. Ibrahim | The country sadly lives up to its ranking as the deadliest place in the world for believers