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The state of religion in China

The state of religion in China

Jordan J. Ballor | For faith to flourish, churches must be free from state coercion

Kristen Waggoner | A Catholic bishop gets 26 years in prison for speaking the truth

Daniel R. Suhr | But the case against a Finnish member of Parliament tells us a lot about Europe and its values

Iranian officials have released three professing Christians from prison


Simon Kennedy | We must not forget the Christians of Nagorno-Karabakh

Ericka Andersen | Support for Hamas proves that our historical sins are never that far away

Christians are among those facing foreign collusion and subversion charges

Christians worship in the streets following attacks that leave church buildings in ruins

Vigilantes in Manipur have burned 300 churches, killed 200 people, and forced another 54,000 to flee

BACKGROUNDER | Severe restrictions on women show the new Taliban isn’t much different than the old one