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History Book - The mouse makes its debut

History Book - The mouse makes its debut

Plus: fetal surgery and the end of a long Christian persecution

U.S. commission highlights downfalls, some progress facing religious communities

Top chess players from Iran are seeking asylum elsewhere, following a long history of chess talent using international events to escape persecution at home
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As Russia silences political dissidents, religious minorities—including evangelicals—find ways to grow during a chill
For refugees in a prolonged crisis, limbo in Turkey can turn to danger
As evidence mounts of Chinese genocide against Uyghurs, some call for a boycott of the 2022 Beijing Olympics
Crimes against the global Church proliferate under the cover of a pandemic
By labeling Communist atrocities in Xinjiang as genocide, the U.S. declares solidarity with the Uyghur community while ensuring further conflict with China.
Christian Benny Tai helps lead the city’s fight for democracy even as Beijing continues its clampdown