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Divide & conquer

Mark Bergin | Islamic group presses U.S.

Jill Nelson | Turkey's upcoming election will be a test for democracy in the Muslim world

Mark Bergin | Floridians sue to block construction of an Islamic center they say has terrorist ties

Mindy Belz | Gen.


Mark Bergin | Moderates and radicals wrestle for the soul of Islam in Minneapolis-St.

The Bush administration is reviewing its Iraq policy in 2007, but a longer-range dilemma looms: Are problems in American culture making the international war on terror harder to win?

Enemy at Home author Dinesh D'Souza and WORLD's Marvin Olasky, author of The Religions Next Door, debate how far Muslims and Christians can go to form alliances

Mark Bergin | Some Muslim taxi drivers want government support for their objection to hauling alcohol

Julie Bilbro | Muslim public-relations group takes its case to America's libraries

Tim Graham | The history of terrorism against Americans and U.S.