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Sermons to go

Sermons to go

Plagiarism controversies and a growing sermon-prep industry bring attention to a question pastors face when preparing material for the pulpit: How much borrowing is too much?

Knowing when to mend differences or make doctrinal stands is no easy task

In 1997 WORLD uncovered a plan to reshape the most popular English translation of the Bible

Some Christian ministries have begun to avoid using nondisclosure agreements, but total eradication is harder


A denominational split spurs a lifelong journalism lesson

When sex offenders and other ex-felons meet Christ and repent, they pose a dilemma for churches that want to accept them but also protect their congregation. A few churches are rising to the challenge

Preventing abuse in the church starts with understanding the roles of power and deception

Liberal Christians punish harshly what they consider apostasy
We live in a time of discerning who’s on which side
A pandemic and national controversies have splintered churches and taken a toll on pastors struggling to hold them together