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Mystery men

Mystery men

Violence continues in the Middle East and North Africa over a shallow film and its shadowy filmmaker

Emily Belz | Controversial Dutch politician brings his anti-Islam message to Britain and America

Twenty-five years after a Christian school was denied expansion the D.C.

Mark Bergin | An effort for Muslim-Christian harmony says both religions can unite around a love of God-but which God?


Mark Bergin | Islamic group presses U.S.

Jill Nelson | Turkey's upcoming election will be a test for democracy in the Muslim world

Mark Bergin | Floridians sue to block construction of an Islamic center they say has terrorist ties

Mindy Belz | Gen.

Mark Bergin | Moderates and radicals wrestle for the soul of Islam in Minneapolis-St.

The Bush administration is reviewing its Iraq policy in 2007, but a longer-range dilemma looms: Are problems in American culture making the international war on terror harder to win?