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Boundaries and belonging

Boundaries and belonging

A Presbyterian pastor in Seattle reflects on the mistakes that led to the demise of his church

Caleb Morell | We must practice theological triage and defend the church against error

Katelyn Walls Shelton | It’s time for the church to tell the truth about birth control as a moral and theological issue

Jordan J. Ballor | Another look at Abraham Kuyper and the clash between Christianity and Modernism


Steven Wedgeworth | Halloween can be about something bigger than ghosts, goblins, and gummy bears

Samuel Green | If you say you would have preached against slavery, you must preach against abortion

Barton J. Gingerich | Francis Turretin turns 400

Tonya Prewett | A revival at Auburn University shows the power of prayer

Carl R. Trueman | But Christians shouldn’t forget the person behind the argument

Pastor Andy Stanley responds to hosting a conference at his church in support of those struggling with same-sex attraction