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What will it say?

What will it say?

C.R. Wiley | The PCA and the flood of the sexual revolution

Mark Tooley | Antisemitism is found in more than one form

Carl R. Trueman | The theological battle is now over what it means to be human

RELIGION | A new anti-conversion law in India appears aimed at discouraging departures from Hinduism


Daniel Darling | Progressive churches are much more likely to preach politics on Sunday mornings

Chase Davis | Christians should look to Europe but be careful not to draw wrong conclusions

Collin Garbarino | Christian Britain has lost its most prominent defender of the faith

Mary Jackson | Will Southern Baptists’ plan to track accused abusers be enough to protect victims and stem the fallout from a growing scandal?

RELIGION | A cult from South Korea has a falling out in Japan

Mark Tooley | Liberals in Florida refuse to abide by or enforce church law on marriage