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Sorrow on Swiss streets

Sorrow on Swiss streets

The Port’espoir ministry brings kindness and spiritual hope to prostitutes in Switzerland

Biden administration pulls proposal protecting sex-segregated facilities

Refugee school in Malaysia wins 2020 Hope Awards contest
Every Good Gift sells crafts while aiming to teach young mothers job skills, responsibility, and Bible lessons

A church in New York City is learning how to minister to the homeless and addicted from a distance
Migration from Central America has surged, but in Honduras, some Christians are doing unsung work to make their country a safer place to live
After decades of success in helping drug addicts kick their habits and find Jesus, some Adult & Teen Challenge centers are opening the door for state regulation—and payments
The Savior’s love for a widow in the Bible reminded me of the Christian compassion I saw in El Paso
2019 Hope Awards Northwest winner Watered Gardens | At a gospel rescue mission, men have a chance to escape the spiral of drugs, homelessness, and joblessness. But it isn’t easy, and many do not make it to the end