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Profiles in poverty-fighting

Profiles in poverty-fighting

Sophia Lee | What WORLD looks for in effective compassion coverage

Sophia Lee | East County Transitional Living Center challenges residents to see their depravity and God’s sovereignty

Sophia Lee | Westside Ministries’ strategy for helping kids find Jesus and escape poverty brings them back as adults to help a new generation

Sophia Lee | Christian Encounter helps youth who need family, structure, and the gospel


Emily Belz | Some Christian ministries have begun to avoid using nondisclosure agreements, but total eradication is harder

California coffee shop owner uses lattes to share the gospel

The Port’espoir ministry brings kindness and spiritual hope to prostitutes in Switzerland

Biden administration pulls proposal protecting sex-segregated facilities

Marvin Olasky | Refugee school in Malaysia wins 2020 Hope Awards contest

Every Good Gift sells crafts while aiming to teach young mothers job skills, responsibility, and Bible lessons