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Christians in the Western world face more hostility, Family Research Council reports

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins in Sept. 2023 Associated Press/Photo by Jose Luis Magana

Christians in the Western world face more hostility, Family Research Council reports

Threats against Christians’ freedoms in the West are on the rise, according to the annual report that was released Thursday. The 42-page document lists “serious challenges to the ability of Christians in the West to live according to their biblical beliefs,” Family Research Council President Tony Perkins writes in the opening. The report covers events from January 2020 to December 2023. Finland prosecuted a Christian member of parliament for expressing support of biblical marriage. FRC details numerous instances in Canada where authorities cracked down on churches for allegedly violating COVID-19 lockdown restrictions—which the FRC says were more stringent for religious groups than others. Two Swedish nurses couldn’t land jobs as midwives because they weren’t willing to perform abortions.

What’s the point of this list? The FRC says stories like the above show the “diverse ways” Western governments are cracking down on Christians’ liberties. The council says the list is not exhaustive but provides insights into why Western governments are persecuting Christians, as well as what behaviors typically incite government crackdowns.

What sort of violations are taking place in the United States? The report included Ohio authorities’ prosecution of Dad’s Place pastor Chris Avell for letting homeless people stay in his church’s sanctuary. Shawn and Teresa Kellim couldn’t receive a foster care license due to their unwillingness to support homosexuality and transgender ideology, according to the report.

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Josh Schumacher

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