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Appeals court hears arguments in mifepristone case

A pro-abortion protester, center left, speaks with a pro-life demonstrator, center right, outside the Supreme Court on April 21. Associated Press/Photo by Alex Brandon, File

Appeals court hears arguments in mifepristone case

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals heard two hours of oral arguments on Wednesday about whether the Food and Drug Administration improperly approved the abortion drug mifepristone in 2000. Lawyers from Alliance Defending Freedom represent a group of pro-life doctors challenging the FDA approval of the drug. ADF argued the FDA overlooked the safety risks posed by the drug and improperly considered pregnancy an “illness.” Lawyers from the Justice Department claimed the drug is safe and that the doctors did not have the right to sue.

Will this case come before the Supreme Court? The losing side will likely appeal when the 5th Circuit releases its decision. Observers are uncertain whether the Supreme Court will hear the case, but the court intervened last month to allow the use of mifepristone while the appeals process plays out.

Dig deeper: Listen to Leah Savas’ report on The World and Everything in It podcast about the other abortion drug, misoprostol.

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