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Listener Feedback: May 2023


WORLD Radio - Listener Feedback: May 2023

Corrections and commendations for stories this month

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MYRNA BROWN, HOST: Today is Friday, May 26th. Good morning! This is The World and Everything in It from listener-supported WORLD Radio. I’m Myrna Brown.

NICK EICHER, HOST: And I’m Nick Eicher. I think everybody loves these:


Our prerolls! Or, more properly, your prerolls. But I’m reliably told that the pre-roll cupboard is seriously thin and we need to stock up.

BROWN: Yes, we do. You know, it’s so encouraging to hear your voices from all over the country, mostly. But also from around the world.

EICHER: So make your voice heard and create a preroll, would you? The basic structure is simple enough [instructions found here].

BROWN: “The World and Everything in It is made possible by listeners like us.” Tell us your name and where you’re from, maybe your vocation. And then, “I hope you enjoy today’s program.” Within that very basic outline there’s room for additional creativity. Have fun with it.

EICHER: Then email the audio file to us at All right?

BROWN: Up next, listener feedback for May. We begin with a couple corrections. The first one comes from our May 8th program. Listener Andrew Stevens pointed out this particular error to us. In his email he started by saying how much he loves our approach to the news and the fact that we include a scripture passage at the end of each program. But at the end of the program we gave the wrong reference for a well known verse:

MARY REICHARD: So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

That’s of course from 1 Corinthians chapter 13. We said it was chapter 12. Andrew, thanks for catching that.

BROWN: Next an error from our May 17th program. We misidentified a soundbite from Ohio Representative Jim Jordan — saying instead that it was Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson. We had originally selected clips from both men to include in the segment on the Durham report, but in the end only played one, and we cut the wrong one from our script leading to the mistake.

EICHER: One more correction this morning. Betty Joe Keenan from Fallbrook, California recorded this message for us.

BETTY JOE KEENAN: My three boys and I enjoy listening to The World and Everything in It and your stories from around the world. We're always especially excited when we hear stories from places where we know people. One of those places is Bangladesh. And we notice that you're saying the name of the country incorrectly. Because “bang” [ryhmes with tang] means “frog” in Bangla. I've included a little message from our friend there.

BANGLADESH CITIZEN: Our country name is Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a beautiful country we speak in Bangla. Bangala is our language. Bangladesh means the country where the people speak in Bala. Thank you.

BROWN: I love this! Not only does Betty Joe and her Bangladesh friend teach us how to pronounce the name of the country—Bangladesh—but we’ve learned the Bangla word for “frog” as well!

EICHER: “Bangla” means frog—and “Bangla” is the south Asian language spoken in Bangladesh. We learn something new everyday!

BROWN: I love our listeners! Here’s one more voicemail that came in recently that was such an encouragement to us all. It’s short and sweet…

TWILLEYS: Hello, this is Lester and Bonnie Twilley on the eastern shore of Maryland.The WORLD team continues to bring us outstanding coverage of what's happening in God's world. We appreciate all of you.

BROWN: Thanks Lester and Bonnie. And we appreciate you! Thanks for your kind words.

EICHER: Well that’s it for this month’s Listener Feedback. Thanks to everyone who wrote and called in. If you have comments to share with us you can send them to And if you’re writing, why not take a moment and record your comments on your phone and send those along as well. We’ve included instructions on how to do that on our website: Or you can phone in your feedback. Our listener line is ‪(202) 709-9595.

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