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The real MAGA campaign begins

The real MAGA campaign begins

Carl R. Trueman | Death sells in today’s America, and the president is pinning his reelection hopes on it

Erin Hawley | The Biden administration directs massive amounts of taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups

Joe Rigney | Christians must ignore the human censor in our heads and remember we serve the Lord

Daniel R. Suhr | Gov. Abbott isn’t “defying” the Supreme Court as he seeks to protect his state’s border


Eric Patterson | Newly invented man-made human rights threaten God-given freedoms

A.S. Ibrahim | The United States should not turn a blind eye to rampant Muslim persecution of Christians

Joseph Backholm | The Justice Department now admits the Hunter Biden laptop was real

Emma Waters | China’s declining birthrate provides a powerful lesson for America

Ericka Andersen | Feminist messaging misses the happiness and fulfillment of having children

Bethel McGrew | We cannot attend pagan rituals in the name of love