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“He Gets Us” almost, but not quite

“He Gets Us” almost, but not quite

Andrew T. Walker | Super Bowl ad frames evangelism leftward, leaving out low-status sinners on the right

Joseph Backholm | Parents can avoid common mistakes that move their children toward rejecting Christian beliefs

Adam M. Carrington | The Hawaiian Supreme Court cites “the Aloha Spirit” in a ridiculous ruling

Carl R. Trueman | On Valentine’s Day, it’s important to remember that real love is clearest in times of suffering


Timon Cline | Text, tradition, and the light of nature tell us that New York is wrong to force Chick-fil-A to open on Sundays

Jerry Bowyer | Not all the important elections of 2024 will be about politics

R. Albert Mohler Jr. | The question of a president’s age is now central to our national conversation. Get used to it

C.R. Wiley | Evangelical leaders and the lure of Lewis’ inner ring

Ted Kluck | The Super Bowl as a godless grasping at permanence

Colin J. Smothers | We must trust God’s Word to set us straight the way a pilot has to trust his instruments