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July 1, 2024 | Vol. 39, No. 12

Equality for all

Myrna Brown | Three generations reflect on the promise of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Rejecting racial grievance

Myrna Brown | Q&A with Delano Squires: The case for a new civil rights movement

Foundational problems

Carolina Lumetta | The voting base, usually a source of strength, could hinder both Trump and Biden in November—for opposite reasons

Augustine in the ballot box

Collin Garbarino | ESSAY | A historic treatise on politics and religion sheds light on this year’s contentious election season

On thin ice

Grace Snell | Arctic changes trigger an international race for newly available resources


Back to the books

TRENDING | As public libraries strive to remain relevant, a renewed focus on Andrew Carnegie’s legacy may be just what we need


A misdiagnosis of poverty

BOOKS | The U.S. economic system is not what ails the poor

A time for trusting

BOOKS | Learning to grow spiritually while we wait

Life on the other side

BOOKS | How families can disengage from harmful technologies

Fiction reads on our radar

BOOKS | Reviews of four new titles

Eight new books for beach readers

BOOKS | The Challenger disaster, a thriller set in the Montana mountains, and more

Faith amid upheaval

BOOKS | Novel tells of a wandering family and the will of God

Promising words

BOOKS | A modern author’s flawed look at ancient vows

Children's Books

Sand, sun, and fun

CHILDREN’S BOOKS | Four books about summer adventures


Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot

MOVIE | Angel Studios film portrays authentic faith amid a small town’s adoption efforts

Inside Out 2

MOVIE | Pixar depicts with refreshing honesty a young teenage girl grappling with her desire to fit in

The Acolyte

TELEVISION | Woke new Star Wars show extends Disney’s recent missteps and fails as a mystery-thriller

The Bikeriders

MOVIE | Story about 1960s motorcycle gang members searching for belonging offers tension but little resolution

Coming soon

MOVIES | A look at upcoming July releases


Tiresomely woke

MUSIC | Billie Eilish pushes already-torn envelopes

New and noteworthy

MUSIC | Reviews of four albums

Songs of the heart and noises of joy

MUSIC | Acoustic covers and jazzy klezmer from Louisiana


An homage to pagan gods redeemed

MASTERWORKS | The art and legacy of the “most famous building in the whole world”


Navigating poetry’s tumultuous waters

QUEST | Four books that shaped my thinking

The hemp farmer of Lancaster County

LIFESTYLE | A surprising apologist for the cannabis plant hails from Amish territory

Going it alone

POLITICS | Sen. Joe Manchin’s switch to independent party affiliation could presage another run for office

Pressing his case

LIFE | Pro-lifer sues feds over “malicious” investigation

Shutting the door on squatters

LAW | States begin to fight back against unauthorized property invaders

Weighing the risk of ink

HEALTH | Study may suggest a link between tattoos and lymphoma

Back to the Bible?

RELIGION | German youth show interest in Scripture and church

Revising the record

SPORTS | MLB adds Negro League stats, shaking up all-time lists