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December 28, 2019 | Vol. 34, No. 24

2019 Deaths Hall of Fame baseball player Frank Robinson was the first African American to manage a Major League Baseball team.
Front-line focus With U.S. troops in retreat in Syria, American aid groups step into the gap
Events, trends, oozes A fortnight’s news includes long-term concerns
Controversial compromise Bill aimed at balancing LGBT agenda and religious freedom gets some support but alarms both sides
State of distortion Chinese propaganda is targeting Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters and the churches that support them


Make it or fake it

The Inventor shows our propensity to believe what we want to be true

Banning the children

One-Child Nation shows the dark consequences of China’s forced family planning

Entitlement game

Richard Jewell is an indictment of unethical media, abusive government, and anyone with an elitist mentality

Mandalorian appeal

The popular Star Wars show is family-friendly sci-fi with a spiritual angle

The past in boxes

Anniversary sets bring back once-youthful voices

New or recent releases

Christian and Democrat

Christian and Democrat

A political strategist talks social justice, tribalism, and the Bible

Novels from Christian publishers

Eternity of oblivion?

A philosopher looks for the meaning to life 
Children's Books

The test of time

Books from the past for middle grade and tween readers

Dead lift serious
A powerlifting mom from Minnesota wants to protect the rights of female athletes 
Anniversary of a crackdown
One year after a police raid, members of a prominent Chinese church wrestle with past traumas and endure ongoing threats