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June 28, 2008 | Vol. 23, No. 13

What's black and white and read all over?

Marvin Olasky | Graphic novels are the latest blockbuster answer to an image-driven culture in search of stories and meaning

The old college try

David L. Bahnsen | Tuition prices keep soaring, but 529 plans can help parents saving for higher education

News to watch in the weeks to come

Billion-dollar rain

Mindy Belz | Faith-based cleanup efforts across the Midwest begin with no end in sight

Toward a new European Union

Alisa Harris | A Polish lawmaker wants to build "a moral architecture" out of small, mostly pro-life states

Drill team

Mark Bergin | High prices at the pump are changing the politics of domestic oil extraction and handing Republicans a potentially hot issue for the fall campaign

A matter of life

Jamie Dean | In almost every way, John McCain and Barack Obama are on opposite sides of America's abortion divide

Same old scam?

Rusty Leonard, Warren Cole Smith | Even some Pentecostals are skeptical of Todd Bentley's tent revival


Changing Times

The world's most celebrated best-seller list suddenly is crammed with religious titles

An old deception

Author and cult expert Richard Abanes explains the attraction and heresy of A New Earth

War reads

Election season is coming and Iraq rhetoric will be humming.

Gender wars

A new survey traces the divide between elementary boys' and girls' reading tastes

Commuter-driven bestseller

The Shack wracks up sales by recasting a personal spiritual odyssey unfettered by church life

Anti-moralist Christianity

Book of the Year author and New York pastor Tim Keller takes skeptics in and outside the church from doubt to reason-filled faith

Getting the Word out

China's Bible printing venture gets a high-speed makeover

WALLoE world

Filmmaker Andrew Stanton says his latest film isn’t about the environment or obesity

Beauty in hardship

Kit Kittredge: An American Girl offers girls more than a typical wealth fantasy

'Godward thought'

Allen Levi may not be a music star, but he's had an impact that goes beyond fame
Notable CDs

Notable CDs

Four new culturally enriching CDs reviewed by Arsenio Orteza