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June 28, 2008 | Vol. 23, No. 13

What's black and white and read all over?

Graphic novels are the latest blockbuster answer to an image-driven culture in search of stories and meaning

The old college try Tuition prices keep soaring, but 529 plans can help parents saving for higher education
News to watch in the weeks to come
Billion-dollar rain Faith-based cleanup efforts across the Midwest begin with no end in sight
Toward a new European Union A Polish lawmaker wants to build "a moral architecture" out of small, mostly pro-life states
Drill team High prices at the pump are changing the politics of domestic oil extraction and handing Republicans a potentially hot issue for the fall campaign
A matter of life In almost every way, John McCain and Barack Obama are on opposite sides of America's abortion divide
Same old scam? Even some Pentecostals are skeptical of Todd Bentley's tent revival


WALLoE world

Filmmaker Andrew Stanton says his latest film isn’t about the environment or obesity

Beauty in hardship

Kit Kittredge: An American Girl offers girls more than a typical wealth fantasy

'Godward thought'

Allen Levi may not be a music star, but he's had an impact that goes beyond fame

Changing Times

The world's most celebrated best-seller list suddenly is crammed with religious titles

An old deception

Author and cult expert Richard Abanes explains the attraction and heresy of A New Earth

War reads

Election season is coming and Iraq rhetoric will be humming.

Gender wars

A new survey traces the divide between elementary boys' and girls' reading tastes

Commuter-driven bestseller

The Shack wracks up sales by recasting a personal spiritual odyssey unfettered by church life

Anti-moralist Christianity

Book of the Year author and New York pastor Tim Keller takes skeptics in and outside the church from doubt to reason-filled faith

Getting the Word out

China's Bible printing venture gets a high-speed makeover
Notable CDs

Notable CDs

Four new culturally enriching CDs reviewed by Arsenio Orteza