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December 22, 2007 | Vol. 22, No. 47

Huckabee's surge

Marvin Olasky | The campaign trailblazer from Hope, Ark., is former Baptist pastor Mike Huckabee, whose sudden rise in polls has shaken the GOP.


Jill Nelson | Murder case shows Turkey has a long way to go in protecting minorities

Mark Bergin | A national environmental group is quietly reshaping American policy on climate change-one gulible state at a time

After the horror

Lynn Vincent | Ministry, church seek healing in the wake of Colorado murders


Bleak house

A Burtonesque Sweeney Todd

Not so Golden

Chris Weitzman's Compass charts a confusing course, but the enemy is clearly a religious one
Notable CDs

Noteworthy CDs

Five new Christmas albums reviewed by Arsenio Orteza

Underclass act
Heisman winner Tim Tebow seems as ready for fame as he is for blitzing linebackers