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July 2, 2005 | Vol. 20, No. 26

Out of the ghetto

Lynn Vincent | Christian publishers reach for a share of the secular market, mainstream publishers jostle for Christian market share-and readers win from the competition

Breakfast with Bush

Edward E. Plowman | The president makes the prayer breakfast rounds, the pope discusses unity with liberal Protestants, and other religion news

Blaze of Old Glory

Jamie Dean | Showdown nears over how best to preserve the flag

Mindy Belz | Algae bloom takes the bloom off summertime rituals

Virtue and its opposite

Marvin Olasky | Author Philip Caputo explores Africa, jihad, fanaticism, and faith

Gene Edward Veith | An upcoming Narnia movie means rich new book releases

'Mo-om, I'm bo-ored'

Susan Olasky | Looking for reading ideas for summer-sated middle schoolers?

Marathon men

Edward Lee Pitts | Military handovers begin next month-and Iraq's new army still has a long way to go

Clerical mysteries

Lauren Winner | The greatest mystery is why the genre's minister-detectives are so liberal

Birth of the biotech religion

Marvin Olasky | Scientists and ethicists explore the brave new frontier of cyborg citizens, transhuman democracies, altered embryos, and tropical hair

Priya Abraham | Chinese leaders say a new law protects religious liberty, but unregistered house churches seem to be facing repression as usual


Batman Begins

The world found in comic books allows for bold contrasts between good and evil


ABC's five-part miniseries is a total rewrite of history
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The five bestselling

This year's NBA Finals bombed in the ratings, down 27 percent from the first game of last year's finals
Lost in cyberspace
Americans are gaining new tools to protect themselves from identity theft