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The World and Everything in It: June 5, 2023

The World and Everything in It: June 5, 2023

On the Legal Docket, three opinions and an immigration argument; on the Monday Moneybeat, what’s next now that the debt ceiling drama is over; and on the World History Book, the death of a persecutor. Plus, the monday morning news

On Culture Friday, the moral shifts ahead of Pride Month 2023 have moved beyond marketing; a review of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse; and Ask the Editor. Plus, the Friday morning news

The House passes a new debt ceiling bill with bipartisan support; The FAA proposes requiring companies to compensate passengers for flight delays; and a biplane pilot in Kentucky flies to missionaries across the globe. Plus, commentary from Cal Thomas and the Thursday morning news

On Washington Wednesday, what Tim Scott’s campaign adds to the race for the White House in 2024; on World Tour, news from Nigeria, Turkey, Nicaragua, and China; and commentary from Janie B. Cheaney


Pro-life Democrats are increasingly rare, but still making a difference in state laws; Despite its win in Bakhmut, the Russian military leadership is running on fumes; and getting back to historical clothes-making with an innovative program in Colonial Williamsburg. Plus, a photobombing pigeon, commentary from Whitney Williams, and the Tuesday morning news

On Legal Docket, knowledge of wrongdoing and discounted drugs; on Moneybeat, a roundup of economic news. And on History Book, Finding Nemo turns 20. Plus, the Monday morning news

On Culture Friday, John Stonestreet fields questions from students at the 2023 World Journalism Institute; A preview of summer movies, starting off with The Little Mermaid; and Listener Feedback. Plus, a photobombing pigeon and the Friday morning news

Montana’s TikTok ban faces legal pushback; TGC’s Collin Hansen extols the late Tim Keller’s consistent focus on Christ; and going backstage at a theater in Branson, Missouri. Plus, a gang of delinquent orcas, commentary from Cal Thomas, and the Thursday morning news

On Washington Wednesday, Ron DeSantis is set to officially launch his presidential campaign; On World Tour, news from Nigeria, Colombia, Moldova, India, and the Philippines; and a funeral for a service member missing in action for over fifty years. Plus: the world’s most expensive ice cream, commentary from Ryan Bomberger, and the Wednesday morning news

Pro-life lawmakers in South Carolina face unexpected challenges from some Republicans; Lawmakers and media outlets question Supreme Court ethics, and how veterans and family members are remembering the heroes who remain missing in action decades later. Plus: a body surfing gator in Alabama, commentary from Steve West, and the Tuesday morning news