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The World and Everything in It: June 30, 2023

The World and Everything in It: June 30, 2023

On Culture Friday, what Thursday’s Supreme Court rulings mean for college admissions and religious liberty; Indiana Jones: the Dial of Destiny and Sound of Freedom offer different visions of life well lived; and Listener Feedback for June. Plus, the Friday morning news

Some SBC churches are pulling funding from the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission over a disagreement about the best way to fight abortion; The Supreme Court upholds a law allowing Indian tribes to deny foster parent applications to adopt Native American children; and helping veterans with equine therapy. Plus, South Koreans go back in age, commentary from Cal Thomas, and the Thursday morning news

On Washington Wednesday, analyzing the significance of Wagner Group’s march on Moscow; on World Tour, news from Sudan, Greece, Honduras, and Singapore; and what makes the consumer backlash against brands like Bud Light and Target different from previous Christian boycotts. Plus, an update from the Supreme Court, commentary from Janie B. Cheaney, and the Wednesday morning news

Lawmakers consider a bipartisan approach to fixing immigration; officials investigate what led to the implosion of an experimental submersible; and a clan of blacksmiths forges a family business. Plus, pink snow in Utah, commentary from Joel Belz, and the Tuesday morning news


On Legal Docket, catching up on eight opinions from the Supreme Court; on the Monday Moneybeat, incentives to invest in the future and avoid activist shareholding; and on the World History Book, events from this week in years past. Plus, the Monday morning news

One year ago today, the Dobbs decision ended Roe v. Wade, and the President of Susan B. Anthony Pro Life America considers the future of pro-life politics. Plus, a record breaking birthday queen and commentary from Emily Whitten

On Culture Friday, reflecting on the pro-life movement one year after Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health; The Right Stuff and two other optimistic films turn 40; and the revisionist history of backronyms on Word Play with George Grant

Support for pregnancy centers in post-Roe America is mixed, state by state; House Republicans aren’t all on the same page, putting the majority coalition at risk for future votes; and an Alabama caterer finds an unexpected opportunity to turn scraps of history into treasured mementos. Plus, vending for gold, commentary from Cal Thomas, and the Thursday morning news

On Washington Wednesday, Chris Christie aims to take down Donald Trump; on World Tour, news from Uganda, Greece, India, and Mexico; and a man in Lebanon used to hate Muslims but now as a Christian he preaches the gospel to them. Plus, vending for gold in South Korea, commentary about the end of Roe v. Wade from Ryan Bomberger, and the Wednesday morning news

Voters in Spain are shifting to the right; A brain implant company gets approved for human trials; and a school in Australia trains the next generation of sheep shearers as demand rises. Plus, a hoard of 1 million pennies dad’s basement, commentary from A.S. Ibrahim, and the Tuesday morning news