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Joel C. Rosenberg

Joel is a New York Times best-selling author and a former WORLD correspondent.

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Free societies vs. fear societies

Free societies vs. fear societies

Joel C. Rosenberg | Natan Sharansky discusses the prospects for democracy in the Middle East and Russia and how in President Bush he has

President Bush may soon face a new crisis in the Middle East: the death of Yasser Arafat

Larry Kudlow's stock is skyrocketing.


GOP strategists think Georgia is the key to expanding Republican control of the U.S.

Florida Republicans would love to pick up the seat of Democratic Sen.

It was Condoleeza Rice, the president's national security adviser, who delivered in the White House press room the news reporters had been expecting

Conservative members of Congress-most notably House Majority Leader Tom DeLay-don't want President Bush to put too much pressure on Israel to make a deal.

So who is Mr.