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Jamie Dean

Jamie Dean

Jamie is a journalist and the former national editor of WORLD Magazine. She is a World Journalism Institute graduate and also previously worked for The Charlotte World. Jamie resides in Charlotte, N.C.

Articles by Jamie Dean
Extreme gamble

Extreme gamble

Democrats defending Rep. Ilhan Omar may be overestimating the electorate’s appetite for extremes

Jamie Dean | Sexual abuse in churches isn’t new, but Southern Baptists face a fresh crisis over an old conundrum: How can they hold autonomous churches accountable?

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Events in St. Louis raise concern about the PCA


Jamie Dean | Venezuelans seek to end their socialist dictator’s crushing rule

Jamie Dean | LGBT activists are dialing up the heat on parents and researchers who question transgender dogma, while peer influence may be leading some teens into life-changing hormone treatments

Jamie Dean | Critics of Brazil’s new president unfavorably compare him to Donald Trump, but Jair Bolsonaro’s win also marks a move away from socialism and shows the rise of evangelical influence

Decline seeps at once-Christian colleges; Jeffress conflates border debate with Revelation