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Jamie Dean

Jamie Dean

Jamie is a journalist and the former national editor of WORLD Magazine. She is a World Journalism Institute graduate and also previously worked for The Charlotte World. Jamie resides in Charlotte, N.C.

Articles by Jamie Dean
Teflon and toxicity

Teflon and toxicity

Jamie Dean | A momentous week in Washington brings acquittal for Trump, angst for Democrats, and acrimony for many

Jamie Dean | Sanders narrowly wins, Klobuchar suddenly rises, and the abortion debate morphs in New Hampshire

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Jamie Dean | Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg speaks often of his religion—but he tailors it to fit his politics, and it focuses on works over faith

Jamie Dean | A series of earthquakes—both real and symbolic—shook the ground and exposed divides during the first weeks of 2020

Jamie Dean | Tribulations and trials highlight a fortnight’s news 

Jamie Dean | DANIEL OF THE YEAR | In Honduras, many residents feel trapped by poverty, violence, and addiction. Michael Miller has spent two decades hitting the streets and devoting his life to some of the country’s youngest and most vulnerable

Jamie Dean | Migration from Central America has surged, but in Honduras, some Christians are doing unsung work to make their country a safer place to live