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Gene Edward Veith

Gene is a former WORLD culture editor.

Articles by Gene Edward Veith
Mission Impossible III

Mission Impossible III

The episodes of plot are mainly moments of rest that connect the explosions, gun battles, helicopter duels, etc.

An 11-year-old inner-city black girl throws herself into the National Spelling Bee competition

Prices at the pump are painful, but be careful in choosing a cure

In lampooning President Bush and American Idol, this film exposes Hollywood's strange political pathologies.


Scared Westerners single out one religion for kid-gloves treatment

Now in its fourth season, this American Idol imitator has discovered some good talent

"The Gospel of Judas" is only one of many attempts to turn Christianity upside down

FX series shows bad guys have families, financial woes, and personal problems, too

Mankind doesn't fare too well in cutting-edge intellectual thinking

WB reality show pairs wealthy kids with blue-collar types who struggle to make ends meet